Monday, April 20, 2009

Crazy Busy

Things are at the height of busyness here! We have been going non-stop since Good Friday. Breakfasts, brunches, lawn raking for a wheelchair bound church member, volunteering to work a children's used clothing and toys sale, French classes, sewing classes, music lessons, multiple dentist appointments, psychologist appointments (for adoption paperwork), fingerprinting (again), health card renewals, photography deadlines, GEMS bowling and practices for GEMS Sunday, regular GEMS meetings, washing and packing for a trip to Toronto to meet with our adoption agency, and to complete the first half of our PRIDE training, and somewhere in there sneaking off to Hamilton (not during PRIDE training) for a photographers' social evening. To top it all off, I'm fighting the beginnings of a migrane. So far I'm winning though :0).

Because of all the busyness, we are taking the week off school. Wa hoo!!! Have I mentioned what a disaster area the house has become? I would post photos (or maybe I wouldn't), but I can't as the main computer is going in for a check up while we're gone, so it's currently out of commission.

So far, Bub's room looks decent again. Our room is good too, but I like to keep it tidy as sometimes it is the only room in the house that doesn't look like it has been hit by a whirlwind.

Here's an out of the blue question. It does relate to housekeeping though. Does anyone actually store stuff under their beds?? I cannot do this! We have laminate floors and the dust bunnies get ginormous!!! What is the point of storing stuff under beds when you have all these furry things to clean off whenever you want/need to get something out from under there? If you don't clean under the beds and other furniture, well then they start creeping out due to overpopulation. If you do store stuff under your bed, do you still vaccuum/swiffer under there regularly or just wait until the bunnies plan a take over? Just wondering....


  1. You ARE busy!

    We do store things under the beds. We have the laminate flooring that looks like hardwood, but there are rugs under the beds. It doesn't make any difference with the dust bunnies (or dog fur) though. Every now and then we move the beds and give everything a good cleaning, but mostly we just let the bunnies breed. LOL Out of sight, out of mind. Terrible, aren't I?

  2. Oh you're funny!

    I used to store our bedding (in big flattish plastic tubs) under the bed, but the dust elephants scared me. And my husband is allergic to dust mites...

    Now I store nothing under the bed and I have the bed up on risers, so it's easier to Swiffer under there.


  3. I do.... not by choice however, but because of lack a of storage. We have all wood floors and you are so right... the dust is terrible. sigh.

  4. Hey, at least with wood (or laminate) flooring the dust is easier to clean up. I have to remind myself that there was just as much dust in my old carpets... I just didn't see it.

    And my husband and one of my sons were a lot sicker.

    If you've ever gone into an old house and pulled out carpet you'll know what I mean. Filth.

    And I don't mean the people didn't clean. We bought my grandparents' house when they died. My grandma always kept it clean and tidy, but no one can get the stuff that works down into (and through) the carpet.


    Now I look at my laminate floors and the dust is definitely more visible than before (*sigh*)... and it lays (lies?) there, mocking me!


  5. We have pulled out old carpets before. It redefines the word SCARY :0)!! That's why we have all laminate,hardwood, or ceramic tile -- except for one room.

    But yeah! Why do these floors now have to mock me so when I don't clean them regularly.

  6. I like the idea of letting the bunnies breed out of sight though! I think that happens a lot in our home :0)!

  7. We store too much junk under our beds. Luggage, lids to tubs, parts to a crib, and many toys and books!!! i don't rather enjoy that they are stored there, but where else???


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