Thursday, March 19, 2009

My Hardworking Boy

When you live in the country, your neighbours are few and far between which makes the opportunities for jobs for preteens very difficult too.

Poor Bub has deperately been looking for a source of income to bring fullfillment to his LEGO and Schleich wish lists.

A good friend and mentor of mine gave me the scoop on a possible job for my boy. I thought he would be better off to wait until next year, but he was so determined that he could do the work, he called the business himself.

Now, lest you think that my son is a grade school drop out, let me say that it is March break around here and it is only a one week job.

On Monday, he couldn't work because he woke with a fever from a bad cold that he had been fighting all weekend. It broke around noon and he perked right up. He drank lots, napped and begged to be allowed to start work the next day.

He is tagging pots at a nursery. He works from eight to five everyday and comes home tired and happy. It thrills his mama because before he was born she went to work everyday in a greenhouse too. Nothing like the heat in a greenhouse when the temps outside are still in the single digits!


  1. Yay! Have you noticed how it is so important to males of all ages to have something to WORK at?? I think that's fabulous - I don't remember his age just now, but however young, this is great.!


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