Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Exciting Times

For me the arrival of a homeschool curriculum catalogue, is always very exciting. It pretty much like the kids and the way they pour over the Sears Christmas Wish Book. I will spend days absorbing as much as I can, dreaming of a perfect homeschool year next year.

My favorite one arrived today. Hooray for once again attempting to plan a perfect school year :0)!!


  1. Me too!!! Well, I love catalogs of every kind. But especially book and homeschool catalogs. So, what homeschool catalog is your favorite??

  2. I love The Learning House catalogue. It has losts of different curriculum choices and they actually have a store that is only about two hours away from where we live. Plus its Cdn prices, so what we see is what we pay.

  3. I know it's "in American", but have you seen Rainbow Resources?

    Their catalog is bigger than a NY phone book, but the prices are unbelievable sometimes. It's really too big for me to browse, but if I know what I want I'll always go to their website and check their price. I can get our math curriculum cheaper from them than from the manufacturer.

    They also have tons of (educational) games and toys, so if I'm putting in an order in the summer I try to think ahead to Christmas too. And - in the states, anyway - orders of $150 or more get free shipping. I call my friends and we order together :0)

  4. Wow! I could immerse myself in that for days :0)!!

    You think that far ahead to Christmas too!? I start gathering gifts already in January. Funny thing is sometimes I forget what I have. I wonder if I could get several of the locals :0) to go together on an order -- although $150 adds up pretty quickly -- especially with exchange :0P.

  5. I try to think ahead... don't always succeed :0)

    When I was expecting Tate (he was due in November) I wanted to have all my Christmas shopping done before he was born. That Christmas was WONDERFUL.

    Now I aim for (American) Thanksgiving. I want to be done shopping by then so I can focus on God and family over the holidays.

    I'm not sure I have ever quite made it since the year Tate was born, but I keep trying:0)

    Sorry, I'm off on a tangent...

  6. Lol! If it's any consolation, the only year I was totally ready was the year Squirt was born. She is a December baby, and I think I was done at the beginning of November. I wanted to simply focus on the birth of Christ and my new baby -- oh and enjoying the rest of my family too of course :0)!


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