Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Chemical Free Cleaning

Because I am a stay at home mom and have all our children home everyday too. I am very particular about chemicals in the home. Back when our third child was born, we joined the Melaleuca Company in an effort to get rid of the toxic chemicals in our home. I have always been very pleased with almost all the products we have ever used from them. (Their dishwasher soap didn't work. It turned our old dishwasher into a fungus farm and we've never dared try it in the new dishwasher).

That said, cleaning has never been my favorite job. It is always such hard work! Welcome, Enjo cleaning cloths! These things are amazing!! On Friday, in an effort to keep busy, and because the temperature reached almost 20C, and because dirty windows drive me crazy, I decided to try out my new cloths. (I'd only had them two days). I cleaned all twenty something windows in about an hour! Normally it takes me over two. I was thrilled!!

They were clean -- until it rained!

Also, greasy stove fronts/tops. I usually spray and wipe, spray and wipe repeatedly, while destroying the paper towel I'm using. I had let my stove front get good and dirty, knowing that my cleaning cloths were arriving soon. (I wish I would have thought to take pictures)!! It was as simple as wipe down with the wet cloth and go over it with the dry. Done! The Engineer and the kids were actually laughing at me because I was so excited about cleaning.

Anyways, I am thrilled with their products and actually Enjo(y) cleaning (sort of) now. Yes, they are expensive, but now I no longer have to buy any chemicals and even better I can get rid of the cleaners I now use. Anyone interested in some great Melaleuca cleaners?


  1. I've never heard of that company - is it Canadian?

    By the way, the skirts look comfy and twirly - just the thing my girls love!

  2. No, it is not Canadian. I think was originally started in Denmark. It is now in 25 different countries though. Iceland is their biggest user at well over half the country.

    Thank you! My girls love comfy twirly skirts too!


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