Sunday, March 15, 2009

A Beautiful Busy Weekend (1000 Gifts #'s 54-65)

It was a full weekend here this weekend. It began Friday morning with a scheduled visit to the doctor for two of us and then a pile of errands including groceries.

While out and about, I realised I had forgotten that I was to bring forty cookies to the GEMS Western night, so I spent a good part of the afternoon making mudpies (haystacks). It didn't help that my first batch got too hard too quick and I had to make a second one, but we'll get to enjoy that first batch.

Friday night the Engineer, Peach, Beans and I dressed up in our fancy western duds and headed out for the party. We learned how to line dance and then had tasty western fare.

We dropped the girls off at Close By Grampa and Gramma's to join their brother and sister for a sleepover and we struck out for home.

The Engineer and I were up at 5:30 am to be on the road for 6:30 am to head out to the Golden Horseshoe for my Chick Mix workshop. It was so wonderful to meet up with other female photographers and talk about our businesses. It was an encouraging and inspiring day.

We arrived home late and tumbled into bed exhausted.

Today was a beautiful Sunday. Worship time at church, some down time at home, and a wonderful afternoon with my brother, sister-in-law and their daughter. (Our two oldest, the boys both being twelve stayed at my brother's home played on their Wii I'm sure). We walked downtown and took lots of fun and interesting photos.

Our parents joined in for an impromptu supper which turned out to be very tasty. We were home before 7:30 as we have a boy with a bad cold who needed to go to bed very early because he starts his first ever job tomorrow -- provided he is well enough that he thinks he'll make it through the day.

Some special gifts today:

A delicious evening meal
Glorious sunshine
Warmer temperatures
The arrival of the migrating birds
The smell of fresh air on my girls
A great group of women who share a passion for photography
Safety on the roads
A week off of school
Family togetherness
Freedom to worship without fear


  1. You have an incredible gift for photography!! I just love looking at the photos you take...and it looks like you made good use of the awesome weather we had this weekend!

  2. Wow! Good things to be thankful for, and may I just say that you really have an eye for photography. Not only do I like reading your blog, it's also beautiful to look at :0)


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