Tuesday, February 24, 2009


The company that the Engineer works for was bought out yesterday by the prince -- ??(the Engineer hasn't figured out who's who in the zoo yet -- his quote not mine) in the United Arab Emerates yesterday. He now works for the government -- just not the Canadian government. It should be an interesting year....

Photo: compliments of a web photo search. This is the new main office in UAE. Notice the exponential curve.


  1. Wow. Glad he's still working! And in Canada... not in the UAE :0)

  2. Isn't it sort of scary, how quickly things like that happen and how hidden the true owners are?!?! Best wishes for positive effects from this change!

  3. Despite the changes, we are very thankful that at this point, he is still working. We are also thankful that we have heard no rumblings yet of anything different.

  4. wow that is huge!
    the uae??it all seems unreal, like something out of a joel rosenberg novel...i am soooo glad he still has a job,and that you can remain in canada!!
    these are strange days, and hard ones for soooo many people. it makes me more thankful for each day i have..

  5. Hope it all stays the same with no major changes! Did you know that is was coming or was it out of the blue?


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