Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Today's the Day

Today we are supposed to finally hopefully maybe?? get highspeed internet again. I can almost taste it! So help me, if we have to stay on dial up I think I might have to give up the wonderful world of blogging! Most days when I am on here I still feel like banging my head on the monitor in frustration. I only refrain because I really like our monitor and don't want to have to buy a new one. So while my five readers wait with baited breathe -- not-- to hear if we're running with life in the fast lane again, I'll leave you with an exciting list of all the things you can do while waiting for your favorite blogs, webpages, forums, etc. to upload.

1. Boil water for tea.
2. Clip your fingernails.
3. Curl your hair.
4. Knit.
5. Reboil the water for tea because you got excited about a page that finally finished uploading and forgot you were making tea.
6. Read a history lesson to the kids.
7. Practice piano with the youngest.
8. Wait while you reboil your water again and at least pour in the water in a mug with your teabag to steep your tea.
9. Crochet.
10. Wonder how you ever lived with dial up before?
11. Microwave your now cold steeped tea and then take it with you.
12. Read at least two articles in your favorite magazine.
13. File your nails.
14. Teach your oldest the theory of relativity.
15. Eat a handful of cookies -- they're bite sized!!
16. Do math drills with the middle child.
17. Microwave your half cup of cold tea.
18. Figure out all the places you'll go if you ever get high speed again...
19. Go to the bathroom. Gotta make room for more tea!
20. Boil water for more tea.
21. If you have one of those office chairs on wheels that spin. Take the kids for a spin around the room.
22. If the kids aren't around, sit in the office chair and see how many times you can spin yourself around before you think you shouldn't have had that last cup of tea.
23. Set up the useless wireless laptop next to the main computer and do all that other word processing stuff you really should be doing.
24. Make up songs about how you really like dial up. I have the next greatest hit!!
25. Just step away from the machine. Step away! You'll survive! Really! I did... barely...


  1. Hi Deborah.....very funny thoughts you shared!!!

    I keep forgetting to mention to you (based on a post you made a few weeks back) that Sally Clarkson has several books out and they are all wonderful. She also has a blog that can be found here:


    I am not sure if you knew that or not...but just in case. She is one of my favorite authors and I think I have all of her books. They get read and re-read pretty frequently around this house!!! Hope your day is a good one!!!!

  2. hee, hee, You're so funny! I like #'s 22 and 25 best. I can just imagine you doing those things... enjoy your tea!

  3. I like your list - I've done some of those things. We have slow dial-up in our part of the country. I share your frustration and am happier for you to be getting speedy service soon!!


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