Sunday, January 4, 2009

Some New Books

I am excited to be starting a few new things with the children tomorrow. I took the first half of the year with the girls in geography off while Bub finished up some of his curriculum from last year.

We are once again focusing predominately on Canada with the geography curriculum, Canada Its Land and People and the History curriculum The Story of Canada. While the geography book is designed to be as labour intensive as we would like -- I am hoping to get Bub and Peach to design their own notebooks from it (and maybe Beans too if she is interested) -- the History book is a beautifully illustrated and an interesting read. Bub will have the job of writing a summary at the end of each chapter we complete.

We are also going to start working on my freebie pile of booklets that I obtained from the library. They each cover lots of information about a different country. I randomly pulled one off the shelf and it turns out it is Columbia. It will be good to learn more about where our friends' immigrated from. I wonder if it will tell of the hundreds of thousands of political refugees they have there?

Hopefully the children will be as excited as I am about their new books! Is anyone else using some new books this "term"?

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