Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Oh Yeah!

Well, there you have it! Four weeks into 2009 and my children are all finished their school work before 1:30 pm. I knew it could be done!! Unfortunately I have this nagging feeling that one of them will be having a hissy fit in another day or two when they realise that the stuff they put off today will catch up to them when they discover that they will have twice the amount later in the week. Some are just slow learners I say.

Oh, and none of them have practiced their music yet. They are now outside and I would love to go for a nap, but I am going to force myself to go out into the sunny frigid weather and have some fun with the kids and the critter.

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  1. I believe my oldest is the king (or at the very least the prince) of "I'll do it tomorrow." LOL He hates it when it catches up with him. It's so nice to read I'm not the only homeschool mom dealing with this.


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