Wednesday, January 14, 2009

A Day in My Life

Little Jenny Wren sponsors this monthly post. I saw it the other day and thought it might be fun to participate. I'm not too sure anyone would want to hear about my day though. Just reading about it makes me tired all over again :o)!

I got up at 6:30 am because today is "Muffin Wednesday" as my kids fondly decided to call it. This morning we had cranberry apple muffins. They were tasty indeed.

Once breakfast is complete, it is chore time. All the kids have a chore pack, so they know what their tasks are. My biggest chore is keeping them going on their chores. I did manage to fold a small load of laundry and put it away though.

At 8:30 school begins whether they are ready or not. Chores that are not done will have to be finished once they are finished their schoolwork. We spend an hour or more sitting together and the children listen to me read. Some is interactive and some is just listening. They're favorite part is reading Hero Tales by Dave and Neta Jackson. Although I am loving that series too, I am also enjoying learning about different countries. This week we are reading about Zambia.

Our together time today finished at about 9:45. Everyone had a quick snack and I made a cuppa tea. Earl Gray today. I scooted outside to get the dog because it's -15C here today and then I sat and did reading with Squirt.

We ate lunch at about noon ( Today I sat and did my devotions and memorizing at this time) and by 12:30 or so the kids were back at the work. The two little ones need constant supervision or they will incesantly talk and play, so I sat nearby compiling some photography notes and marking schoolwork. In the meantime the dog is outside for a little while again.

At 3:00pm we took a Muppet break. We're just a little excited about having highspeed internet and happen to love the Muppets. Here was our comic relief for the day:

I laugh every time I see this skit. Their expressions are the funniest! To turn off the music, scroll down and hit pause.

All but one child was done their work, so as I am working on here, they are getting ready to go outside and play in our ever increasing amount of snow. Shortly I will join them.

Soon supper preparation will begin. Stirfry with brown rice tonight. Supper is usually right around 5 pm. After supper the Engineer and I might be able to sneak in a cup of tea and then it's the race to get the kids out the door to AWANA while the Engineer and I go out on our "date". This usually means we do a bunch of errands and have a hot drink at Tim Horton's. Tonight I think we'll just stay home. I really don't relish the thought of going out in the seriously subzero celsius temperatures if I don't have too.

The evening will be spent marking schoolwork, sewing, or whatever else piques my interest, while the Engineer works on his web page. Somewhere in there one of us will pry ourselves away to pick up the kids. At ten we'll be off to dreamland. Exciting times I say. Exciting times!


  1. Hello Deborah
    Thanks for sharing your day.
    Its always busy with children around isn't it? lol
    Take care

  2. I enjoyed reading about your day! I'm wanting to homeschool my girls and I see that it does indeed take all day!! Currently, when we "do school" I set a timer for 1/2 hour. That's about all the patience I have!! :)

  3. Your day sounds somewhat familiar... :o)

    If your kids are interested in Zambia, check out this blog:

    This is the blog of the Allen family - good friends of ours who are missionaries in Zambia, right now.

    They went to Zambia in August or September of 2007 for a two-year term, but just a few months later Stephanie (mom) became pregnant with #4. They ended up coming back in June of this year, due to an anticipated high-risk delivery (in August), and just returned to Zambia earlier this week, hoping to be there for two years.

    If you look back through their earlier entries there are a lot of personal impressions of Lusaka Zambia and their process of adjusting to the different culture.

    They are a wonderful, down-to-earth, godly family :0)


  4. I really enjoyed reading about your day! And LOL!!! That little skit of the muppets was SO hilarious... I'd never seen it before! I seriously laughed and laughed! Excuse me while I go get the kids to show them... they're gonna love this! Thanks for posting it! :oD

  5. So we've successfully wasted 5 minutes watching it 2 times over...:o)... there favorite part was the telephone "mnamana"! Great laughs!

    The only problem is: it's now stuck in my head!


  6. ooooh i love this. thank you for a glimpse into your day.

    hmmm.. i like your school. sounds very lovely.



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