Sunday, January 18, 2009

1000 Gifts #'s 7-16

It has been a week of readjusting my expectations for myself and our children. There have been moments sheer frustration, moments of teeth gritting and moments where I simply did not live up to who God wants me to be (otherwise known as pitching a major mommy fit). I am learning to resign myself to the fact that temporarily at least, I will be spending the majority of my day surpervising children who would much rather dawdle their day away instead of focusing on getting it done. In the meantime, I will continue to sit near the Tempatation That is the Computer and learn resistance. I will not dawdle my day away cruising from one site to another. Instead, I will force myself to focus on marking the kids' work, answering their endless questions, and getting caught up on other paper type things. The small victory? I am learning (FINALLY) to accept that the house will NOT fall down around me if I don't get to it right away after lunch, and really, I am much happier for it!

So, some big and small things I am grateful for:

7. Max Lucado's spiritual wisdom. I am reading his book The Applause of Heaven and got what I term, a royal smack upside the head regarding my heart attitude toward a few things.

8. The crisp cold days we have been having. I love the sound of our footwear squeeking across the snow and the snow collecting on Snoopy's chin giving her a doggie beard.

9. Continual fresh snow.

10. Moonlit nights and bright sunny days. The snow just sparkles!!

11. The sun pouring in the front windows where you can soak in the heat

12. The spicy smell of the new bar of handmade soap in the bathroom. We bought it while camping, so it brings back memories of warmer days

13. I can't forget this one! No more dial up!!

14. A long and encouraging chat with a friend I haven't seen since before Christmas.

15. A relaxing dinner with friends.

16. A fun afternoon at Snowfest with my hubby, the kids, and my parents. So much to see!


  1. You have a wonderful way of wording things! I love your list, and that picture is beautiful... such depth! I'm gonna have to check if our library has that book... sounds like something I may need as well in some areas of my life! :o)

    I hope you have a good week!

  2. What a beautiful post (yet again). you have a lovely way of putting life into words. it is so encouraging to hear a mama as accomplished and able as you say that there are 'mommy tantrum' times. it helps me to see that i am not the only one that breaks down some days! :)

    thank you for the award, i don't know if i'll get around to passing it on... i'm bad at taking time for that lately. (with the whole spending time with sickly kids and trying to maintain order and all that other stuff)
    but thank you!!! maybe one day i'll see you again around these parts. what is snowfest?????

  3. Hooray for no more dial up!

    The photo is wonderful! I am glad you mentioned the Max Lucado book. I have I think every book by him available in our county-wide library system on my "to read" list. I'll have to try to get this one soon.


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