Tuesday, December 9, 2008

The Gingerbread House

This is another annual traditon around here. I have made gingerbread from scratch once or twice, but then discovered The Kit. In the end, it saves my sanity. No walls that decide to cave in, no icing that is too thin, no forgotten candy.

Each year their decorating abilities improve, but eating the candy before it is done does not :-). After some help from me in putting the walls and roof together, the children did the rest all on their own. I did dishes and enjoyed a cup of hot apple cider while they argued and cried, made up, argued and cried, made up again. Peaceful it wasn't, but they did share lots of laughter too.

No, they don't have cooties. I'm just tired of hair in my food. I wear one anymore too.

I was told this is a girl. The jube jubes are her skirt. If our girls ever get the idea of wearing a skirt that short, I'm sure the Engineer will have something to say about it!

Rock Star Gingie!

The finished product now sits gathering dust until the chosen day of its demise.


  1. I like how you describe the arguing/making up part. Sounds like it could be my place. The house looks great, though. Do you let them eat it? I always think the candy is so yucky after sitting out so many days but, as far as I know, my boys will eat anything sweet! : )

  2. I love it!

    Every year I think that with an architect husband we ought to make a really great gingerbread house... hasn't happened yet.

    Good job, kids :0)


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