Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Gingerbread and Stitches

We finally made our gingerbread men today. This is an annual event. One that was a tradition even when I was a child. Grampa has since made us new and improved cookie cutters. We used a dijon mustard yellow plastic one as kids.

The kids overdecorate them with white and chocolate chips, mixed peel, raisins, currants, candied cherries, and whatever else we can find that is suitable for giving their cookie friends character.

These guys are really dark as they were make with unsulphured blackstrap molasses. Yum! They'll be a real pick me up with a cuppa hot tea!

Oh! The stitches?? Those are on Squirt. She fell this morning in the basement and managed to split open her chin. We're not exactly sure how because she says she just hit the floor.

In the picture above she just has steri strips on because the doctor was not in yet at the emergency room. Apparently he'd had a very busy night and needed to get a little sleep before his next round. She went back in around 12:45 to get the stitches done. Squirt was not too pleased at the idea of stitches , but Skunkster (I'll post about him another day) was there to comfort her and we bribed her with a little gift if she cooperated well. She is one tough little girl. She didn't even have freezing! Yikes! Needless to say, she definitely earned her gift!

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