Saturday, December 6, 2008

Bean's Cape

I finished Beans's cape last week. Usually when I have big gaps between sewing the same project, I have to relearn all over again how to put it together and usually end up stitch ripping at least once somewhere in the project. Not this time! It went together beautifully! Unfortunately, I finished it in time for the weather to be just a little too chilly to wear it until the spring.

Oh well, it's plenty long, so even if she has a growth spurt, it will still fit in the spring and for another year or so.

The Sisters in their capes. I finally managed to pin them down long enough to get a scary :-)photo of them pj's and all.

Although this photo makes the fabric look like felted wool, it is actually polar fleece. Polar fleece is really fun to work with as you don't deal with unravelling. Each cape has little rosebuds at the opening where their hands go through and one on either side of the hood.

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  1. Those are gorgeous! I would love to make matching capes for my girls!


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