Thursday, November 20, 2008

Winter Woes

This is our second third winter with a duvet on our bed. We like it, but we don't. The first winter, and half of the second winter, we didn't even have a duvet cover for it, and I think I liked it better then.

Every night we battle with the silly thing, not to mention the workout I get every morning when I make the bed. You should see my biceps :o)!! The problem is, it slides off the end of our bed. You see, we sold our furniture when we moved into the postage stamp (our master bedroom), and now we have no foot board.

I like it's cozy warmth, but I don't like waking chilly in the middle of the night to find our duvet has slipped down to the end of the bed -- again!! We can't put anything at the end of our bed or we'll have no room to walk.

Another thing. Now that it's in the duvet cover, it's forever sliding down in there too. I'm thinking maybe we should go back to our blankets and comforter. It sounds a little more comfortable to me :o). Are we the only ones with these winter woes?


  1. Hmm, this is a tough one. I've always had a Duvet, for as long as I can remember and no head or foot boards. I find the trick is, when you sleep with it, to pull it all the way over your head and flip it under itself, so that the extra part of the Duvet, instead of folding over itself, is sort of like an envelope for the sheets (provided you have those). Hopefully then, because you're sort of holding onto it, the darn thing won't fall off. If that doesn't work..well, then, yes, sheets and a comforter might be your best bet!

  2. This may be an odd thing to do, but... I started pinning the sheets/blankets/comforter all together on the kids' beds so they wouldn't get all bunched up and twisted. (I do this in the cold seasons, not in summer when you might WANT to push some layers down!)

    It worked so well on their beds I started doing it on ours. I just fold the top of the sheet over all the layers and pin everything together. Then, when it's time to make the bed I just tug it all up, fluff the pillows over the top, and DONE.

    But then, if the weight of the comforter pulled EVERYTHING down, you'd REALLY be cold!

  3. Sounds great! I will definitely try pinning it! Although I have discovered that the envelop fold does work for awhile too, but someone always seems to lose it during the night. I can use the pins as added insurance.

    Ah, such fun :-)!

  4. That's strange! We've had our duvet and cover for 12 years and it has never slipped down. Could be 2 reasons - we don't use a top sheet (just gets tangled around our feet!) and our box spring is on the floor, so there's really nowhere to fall down to. Works for us!

  5. Ours doesn't come down and we don't use a sheet either. In the colder months (we use a three blanket doona) we put a lightly quilted throw bed size on the top. However, we do have a footboard in the form of a iron frame. We tuck the doona and the cover in a little at the bottom. On the kids beds it is tucked in. You tuck the smallest margin of doona in that you can get away with so you are covered.


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