Thursday, November 13, 2008


Beans is learning about the five different types of heat energy. In one of her experiments, she learned about the role of oxygen in fire, so she got to play with fire!

She needed three candles, so I gave her tealights. Then she got a pint mason jar and a quart mason jar. I (yes I'm a hover mother) lit the candles, and then Beans quickly covered two of them with the jars. All under my watchful eye behind the lens.

She already knew what was going to happen (smartie pants), and she was correct. The candle in the pint jar went out first. What surprised all of us though, was how quickly the quart jar candle went out after the pint jar. It was mere seconds and pffft, out went the quart jar candle.

A little side note. I don't know what the deal is with the hat, but it's part of what makes Beans who she is. I think it was the fashion statement of the day :o).

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