Saturday, October 11, 2008

Workin' Hard

I have been on a decluttering, dejunking binge for a couple weeks now. So much so, that I have been able to throw out two green garbage bags of trash and get rid of (meaning donated to a thrift store) three green garbage bags of unwanted or unused items. Oh, and one booster seat for the van, but that's been claimed by a friend.

Unfortunately my obsession with decluttering has led to the serious neglect of my gardens. So, this afternoon, the Engineer and I combined our gardening skills :-) and spent two hours on one of our most neglected gardens. I weeded like a maniac, while he dug out the ugly shrubs that were never no longer a pretty sight. Then we both went at it with the pruners. It actually looks like a garden again. We have some more plans for it, but those will have to wait until the spring as it involves the serious rearranging of many plants.

It worked out so well with the two of doing the gardening, I think we'll do some more next Saturday if we have good weather. Until then, I'll continue on with decluttering because I still have a ways to go...

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  1. Ooooh, I lOVE decluttering! (But my husband doesn't... arrgh!) I found a book with great tips - "It's All Too Much".

    Have fun :0)


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