Tuesday, October 21, 2008


It's been an extra busy few days here and will continue to be busy for a few more. We had two photo shoots on the weekend, and I was busy volunteering at a used clothing sale most of the day Saturday. I didn't sell this year as I usually do. I did very well on the not buying end too and only bought one adorable pink long sleeve T. How can you resist a shirt for a little girl with a darling little filly on it?

I don't think today's temperatures made it into the double digits Celsius. Brrr! I pulled out the winter coats which the children happily put on. Next, I need to dig the duvet and the fleece blankets out of the attic and finish putting flannel sheets on the girls' beds.

Our floor is now finished in the basement (Pergo laminate), so I need to vacuum and wash the floor, and then empty, move, and refill the two bookshelves which actually belong in there and are currently "double parked" in the other room.

The shelf I mentioned in this post is hung and my idea worked, but I need to do some photo editing in order to complete my project.

Finally, but most importantly, I have to do some lesson planning for school. I would like to have up to and including December completed. I want to enjoy my time with the kids to the fullest in the season of Advent and if that means a little extra work now, so be it.

One bonus? I think I am done my Christmas shopping! Woo hoo! I love shopping in the off season and getting the sales. They're only getting books and games anyway, but regardless, they will be enjoyed by all.

My vanilla cappuccino is finished, so back to work I get!!


  1. Oh my goodness - and here I sit thrilled that our a/c is finally off and the windows are open. I just got up a bit ago and turned off the ceiling fan because I was too cold. LOL

    Good for you on being finished with your Christmas shopping!!! I usually am finished by this time of year, but I'm having an off year. I can't get into the mood. I know what I want to get, but can't seem to find the time to get to the stores either. I do hope to have it finished soon. I don't shop after Thanksgiving (at the end of Nov.) for anything but groceries.

  2. I'm very envious about your Christmas shopping... although I might do much of mine from the World Vision catalog this year.

    My boys, also, have been asking me to get out their flannel sheets... sounds good to me!


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