Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Through the Eyes of a Child

The other night I was writing letters to our Compassion children. I was rereading one of the letters written to us by our girl because I wanted to get some details right in my correspondence back to her. She was telling us about her summer camp experience and all the fun she had. She sounds like any other typical teenager, but what struck me as funny? strange?-- I'm not sure what word to use to describe my feelings -- was the one little line that said, "We gave a dresser to needy children."

Huh!? We thought she was the needy one, and she is, but even in her situation, she recognizes that she is blessed and that there are children who are still more needy than she is. How much we can learn when we look through the eyes of a child!!

"For I have learned to be content whatever the circumstances." Philippians 4:11


  1. Really puts things in perspective, doesn't it? Wow!

    You asked about my Show n Tell picture ... it's a White Peacock butterfly. We always have an abundance of them in the yard.


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