Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Must -- Get -- Organized!

The days are getting ahead of me again lately and at the same time I am amazed at how much I can and do get done most days. When homeschooling takes up all your time from 8 am to at least noon everyday it leaves little time for much extra once you add in tidying and washing assorted breakfast and lunch dishes, preparing supper, washing dishes -- again. (Dirty dishes drive me crazy)! Refereeing the children, exercising the dog, and all those other daily and weekly things that have to be done, it leaves little time for the extras. So, if you ever stop by my house, please don't look up. I haven't had time yet to wash the fly doo doo off the light fixtures or dust off my ceiling fans. The biggest consolation is, it will still be there tomorrow :-P.

I really do need to get back to the menu planning and setting my time up into chunks. *Sigh!* Maybe this weekend I will have a largely uninterrupted block of time. One can hope!


  1. I've let menu planning slip and I really need to get it started again. I hate the pressure and stress each morning of trying to figure out what to have for that evening's dinner. And I am raising my hand and joining the club for ceiling fans that need to be dusted!

  2. Hi Deborah,

    Trust me, I'm NOT writing as one who has this "handled", but am working on it...

    I'm working on changing my philosophy about housework. Instead of it being separate from homeschool, it IS part of homeschool.

    One woman I know has her kids do household chores BEFORE their academic work. Another woman I know even has her kids do a small chore before they eat breakfast! Well, I guess mine unload the dishwasher and put the dishes away before breakfast :0)

    The second woman has 8 kids. Her philosophy is to give the job to the youngest person who can manage it. Well, maybe you start with the oldest, and pass the job down, so everybody learns it.

    I'm TRYING... but am a bit of a control-freak. I want everything done RIGHT, so it is hard to pass it off to younger hands.

    We've been working on cleaning bathrooms lately. Ugh!


    PS If only they were old enough to balance the checkbook!

  3. Oh, I have never been a menu planner. I envy you! My children do one chore before breakfast in the morning... helps get us started. You seem like the organized person so I can't imagine you not having it all together!

  4. I'm usually really good with the menu planning until about May and then it all goes out the window because I never know what will be ready in the garden and at the Farmer's Market. When September begins, I find it hard to get back into the menu planning routine.

    As for chores, my children are all blessed with a list each and we spend about an hour on Friday mornings in what I like to call diligence training. Unfortunately, I am a bit of a control freak, so I have a hard time letting them do what I can do much more quickly...


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