Wednesday, October 8, 2008


I have been thinking a lot about colour lately. I'm not exactly sure why. Perhaps it's because fall will show off the last of the truly varied colours as winter slowly creeps in leaving everything dull, brown, and lifeless (or so I think. Have you ever seen the colours of snow on a sunny day? It's not just white).

I absolutely adore colour! I have read twice now that in heaven we will see colour in a much greater spectrum than we do now. I find that positively amazing! I am forever studying trees, flowers, people, etc, for their colour. Put me in a fabric store, or a paper store and I could lose myself for hours. I can get lost combining colours, and trying to see the depth of colour of an object.

Take a picture of an evergreen tree for example. At first glance, it is simply what we would term -- forest green. But if you look closely, (you may have to use your imagination here), you can see many other shades of green, and perhaps even some black and yellow, or maybe some gray, or brown. Who knows really how many colours are really in that one dark green tree.

Now think of it from the technicolour-of-heaven point of view. Imagine all the colours that we could see then! I think of it as the pixels in a digital photo. We will be able to see in infinite detail each tiny colour, or shade of colour that that tree contains. Incredible!! For a colour lover like me, that will be heaven in itself!

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