Monday, October 6, 2008

Canadian History

We finished reading the book My First History of Canada by Donalda Dickie and Rudiger Krause, today. We all quite enjoyed it -- except maybe Squirt who mostly lay on the floor rearranging pillows and attempting to pester her siblings.

It covers stories from the pre 1400's up to current time. It not only presents the facts in good detail, but the chapters are riddled with fun and exciting stories of real Canadians and the exciting and dangerous lives they lived.

One of the children's favorite stories in the book tells about an old miner who was searching for gold and when he had all but given up. In great frustration, he jabbed his spike into the ground and made the richest strike in North America. It is now the famous Hollinger Gold Mine. I think I feel a class trip coming on :-).

In light of the impending Canadian election on October 14th we are going to read the book Who Runs this Country Anyway? A Guide to Canadian Government by Joanne Stanbridge. I've been flipping through it and it looks like a very informative yet fun book!

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  1. We just finished My First History of Canada, too! *I* really enjoyed it, tons of stuff I missed in high school!

    I bought Who Runs This Country, Anyway, but we'll do it next year.


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