Sunday, September 21, 2008

Simply Sunday

Another weekend is swiftly winding down. It was busy, but at the same time quiet.

Simple blessings:

1) Waking up with a sinus headache that thankfully was rapidly cured by prescription drugs that I have dubbed the "wonder drug."

2) Cuddling a sweet little guy in the church nursery. I got a much needed and much appreciated baby fix.

3) Coffee fellowship with church family.

4) A run with our crazy dog.

5) Children who were happily pouring over new books from a library visit yesterday.

6) An evening visit with Grandma and Grandpa.



  1. hey Deb!
    thanks for thinking of me. prayers are much appreciated as we wait for baby Mercy to arrive. i'm sooo ready. hopefully soon... :)

    love your last post. just BEAUTIFUL.
    simple things are wonderful to savor.

  2. This is a lovely photo! I always get a thrill over seeing my oldest dive into library books. He's always excited to make a trip to one of our library branches.


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