Monday, September 1, 2008

My Most Effective Laundry Cleaning Product

I do not like using chemical laden cleaning products -- especially in our clothes, but there is one product I will acquiese in using and that is Oxi Clean. Sometimes my eco-friendly, nasty-chemical-free Melaleuca laundry soap just doesn't cut it. For example, when we were camping, the children all thought it would be cool to slide down a dirt/sand/mud incline in their denim shorts and pants. When I did the wash, I soaked them first,then pre-washed them and finally washed them, and still they were dingy on the bum. So, I dug out the Oxi Clean and soaked them in a scoop of that over night. Then I ran the jeans through the wash cycle and VoilĂ ! I had jeans that were beautifully clean again.

So yes, despite the harsh chemicals, I will use Oxi Clean.

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