Friday, September 19, 2008

At the Beach

We have a beach where we love to take photos. The kids were overdue for some photographs of them together, but I had an idea in my head of how I wanted them done and what I wanted the children to wear.

A quick trip to the fabric store and several hours at the sewing machine, yielded the dresses I had envisioned (sort of). I made them without a pattern and they will never be worn in public as they are really very sad looking in real life. I am thrilled with Squirt's apron though.

Anyways, we headed down to the beach on a gorgeous evening to see if we could get photos of some happy and cooperative children. They had a great time and I got some fun shots. Everytime I do a shoot, I am reminded of why I love doing photography.

Photography has really become an art form and everyone has an opinion, so much so that I often will not share my favorite shots. Aside from the obvious faux pas, what looks amazing to one person may cause the next person to flinch. Unfortunately, the arrival of the digital camera has caused virtually everyone to think they are a professional photographer. I do not profess to be one of those, and as with any type of art, what looks good to me may not look good to the next person. It doesn't make mine or theirs better, just different. That's why art and photography are so fun. I won't even begin to carry on with the fun that can be had with editing.

So, here are just a couple shots (unedited) of our shoot this evening.

The Beachbums "Down Sandy Lane"


  1. Lovely photos, really! Great Job!

    Sorry I haven't gotten to the tag yet. Our internet connection has been having serious difficulties, and when I do get online it is very slow.

    So I've been trying to stay off as much as I can :)

    Thanks for tagging me though!

  2. Thank you Tara!

    I totally understand about internet connection difficulties. We lose ours all the time. Mostly on weekends when I have a little free time. One of the blessings of living rural I guess. :-)

  3. Gorgeous photos... the color and lighting reminds me of a Swedish painting of a woman on a beach in a white dress... can't place the artist off-hand, though.

    I've been reading back a bit, and I share your bedtime struggle! Ours is a little later (8 to 8:30 pm).

    Do your kiddos do AWANA and Gems/Cadets, or do some go to AWANA and some to G/C? My youngest loves AWANA (Sparks), but the older ones are kind of burned out, I think.

    Happy Sunday,


  4. Hi Julie!

    I never know whether to comment on the blog of the one who has asked me the question or whether I am supposed to answer them here, so I'm trying here.

    The three girls all do some level of AWANA two are in T&T and one in Sparks. Bub, is in the young teen group. Surprisingly none have burned out yet. :-) It is certainly a lot of memorization!

    Bub has cadets -- very little memory work and the two oldest girls have GEMS -- also very little memory work. It's more the late nights that bother me (or rather the kids) a little.:-)

  5. ABSOLUTELY beautiful! your children are lovely, just lovely!! i enjoy the concept you had: white dresses on the beach. your girls must have been in 'heaven'!! i always wanted to wander the beach in a simple white dress... pretending to be Anne of green gables.. hahaha. oooh fun.
    good job!

  6. They look great! I can't believe you made the outfits without patterns. You should get a huge canvas of the closer cropped one--it would look awesome on the wall.

  7. The photos are absolutely beautiful. I love the outfits--they're charming!


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