Thursday, August 28, 2008

Three Weeks of Photos Part IV

I had to do wash, as all the boys' stuff was damp, dirty, and deadly smelling. I was being cheap optimistic though and hung everything except towels and undies on the lines.I did pay the two bucks to dry them and discovered that dryers really do eat socks -- and not the yucky ones either, but the nice thick white ones. The Engineer tied all the wet shoes to the tennis court and I stuck other assorted small items such as the uneaten socks through the holes.

Although we did get still more rain, everything was dry and put away again before the sky opened with another sudden downpour. We had to do a few groceries, rearrange sleeping quarters, and adjust to suddenly having two chattering boys (seriously, they talk way more than the girls) in our midst, but our remaining days camping were lovely indeed.

The children biked, played at the playground, caught frogs, and simply had fun being together. We canoed and hiked and even had a couple of beach days. Glorious!!

We stopped at our favorite falls on the way home. The water was incredibly high. Another testimony to all the rain we have been getting this year. Then it was on the road for some serious driving. The rest of the drive was pretty quiet.

Yes, it is raining in this picture. I do believe I said that it always rains when we camp. :-)


  1. Such a beautiful place even if the weather was less than cooperative. I love the picture with the frogs!

  2. The boys collected them and placed them on the lily pads. I guess they were enjoying the heat from the sun because they never moved.


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