Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Sea to Sea Bike Tour

We have a young man from our church who joined the Sea to Sea bike tour ( ) this summer. This year the tour's goal is to raise funds to abolish the cycle of poverty. The tour runs from June 30 to August 30, so the riders are in their last few days now. What an experience!!

He is biking across the United States with 220 other riders. There will be a few days of stops through Canada as it will save them a bit of time. A week ago today the riders came across on the Sombra ferry into Canada. Our whole family went out to greet M and the other riders. It was quite the festive occasion. Tents were set up with lots of treats and of course Tim Hortons coffee (Canadians live for Tim Hortons coffee. It's a chain that runs from ocean to ocean). We waved and cheered all the riders over and then spent some time visiting with several of the riders.

Well done M!! Someday when the children are grown, the Engineer and I would like to do this sort of thing too!

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