Monday, July 28, 2008

Migrane Relief

I have been a chronic migrane sufferer for almost fifteen years. I can get them anywhere from three weeks to (rarely) three months apart. From April 2007 to April 2008, I was getting them every six weeks almost like clockwork, and they were not related to my cycle. It was also getting to the point that an emergency visit, so I could get Torridol shots was not working anymore either. I even had a Demmoral (or some sort of narcotic shot) back in March when the first round of treatment hadn't woked. NEVER AGAIN! That is the most frightening feeling having that drug sluicing through your veins.

There are a few things that trigger migranes for me: 1. Life ( I am not kidding here), 2. Being too busy, and 3. lack of sleep. Combine those three in any order and I usually have a recipe for a migrane within 48 hours.

I am also an allergy and sinus suffer, as I have mentioned in some of my previous posts. Each April, I come down with what I think is a bad cold that turns into a nasty sinus infection, and yes I end up in the emerg. with serious head pain. This year was no different -- except that they didn't put me on antibiotics. Instead, I was put on nasal spray and antihistamines. For weeks I was headachy and very draggy. I was consitent with the spray, but very lax about the antihistamines because I concluded I was in the 10% for whom the antihistamines cause drowsiness. No wonder I wanted to nap all the time!

Finally, I went to my family doctor to have my head examined -- literally. We chatted, I had head X-rays done, which showed no abnormalities, and he highly reccommended I stay on the nasal spray and antihistimines. He reccommended a different brand -- Aerius, which has worked wonders for me. Within the week of taking it, the headache was gone -- GONE! I wasn't draggy anymore, and I actually felt like doing things again. I am now off the nasal spray and only take the allergy meds ever other day or so (they're expensive -- and not covered for us)!

The remarkable thing is I have had hardly any type of headaches since being on the allergy pills consistently. When I have felt slightly twingy, I will take a regular pain killer and twice I've taken my migrane pain killers because, "I just wasn't sure!" Regardless, getting up each morning and not having to analyse whether my head hurts simply because it is a headache or whether it is going to turn in to a migrane has been a wonderful blessing! I pray that God has finally given me healing from the dreaded things. It's been fifteen weeks -- almost four months -- the longest its been in a looooonnnnggg time! What a blessing! What a relief!!


  1. Deborah....I'am so glad you have found some relief. I too suffer from allergy/sinus issues and migraines. Most of my migraines are triggered by either MSG or the weather (back to the allergy/sinus issues). I also get the spring issues that result in a massive sinus infection.....that also happens to me in the fall. Hopefully you can enjoy the rest of the summer and actually feel good!!!

  2. Thanks Cindy! I would be thrilled to make it through the whole summer without a problem!

    I hope you're able to find relief for your migrane/sinus/ allergy issues too!

  3. That's fantastic! I'm so happy and thankful with you. Maybe you'll never get them again!


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