Friday, July 18, 2008


My row of lettuce is starting to bolt. The children are pleased because in their opinion, we have had far too many salads lately:-).

My spinach is ready to be picked, washed, and frozen for winter. We've had a few spinach salads too, but not as many as the lettuce because I know I can freeze spinach. I wish I could freeze lettuce for winter consumption.

The Engineer picked nine litres of yellow waxed beans, and two litres of peas for me while I iced cupcakes for the kid's swim meet tomorrow.

Earlier, the children picked enough ripe gooseberries to make a requested gooseberry pie. Hmmm, I've never made gooseberry pie before. I guess I'll have to do a recipe search.

We usually go sweet cherry picking in early May, but unfortunately, there wasn't a cherry crop this year. Between a late frost and too much rain when the cherries were ripening, the poor cherries never stood much of a chance. Thankfully, I think I have enough bags of cherries in the freezer yet from last year to hopefully get us through the winter.

So, tonight I have my work cut out for me yet. Wash and blanch beans, shell peas, find a recipe for gooseberry pie, and finish icing cupcakes.

A woman's work is never done! I'm so glad the Engineer is willing to work in the gardens too!

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