Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Canada Day Celebrations

As we do almost every year, we went into the City to watch the Canada Day parade. The City is by no means large, but it is big enough to have its own Canada Day parade every year. Each year though, it seems that the number of participants in the parade goes down. It's the exact same floats every year. The best things to see this year were the horses and the one and only marching band. Otherwise....zzzzzz! At least the kids still enjoy it every year! It is much more fun to watch their faces light up as the different floats and groups of people go by, than to watch the parade.

The park is postively packed with people and even though Squirt is five and a half now, we still take the wagon, and she still likes to ride in it with everyone's lawnchairs, etc. I like it because I know where she is!!

We got to stop and pet some of the horses on the way out. Peach can tell you exactly what breed they are, but I have no clue.

We had our picnic lunch at Close By Gramma and Grampa's and then hung around until it was time to go to my brother's place for supper. They live within an easy walking distance from the fireworks, so it has become a standing tradition that friends, family, church friends, etc. get together for supper at their place and then about 8:30 or so, we head down to the waterfront, pick a spot and wait until the fireworks are ready to begin. It is fun to watch all the people go by.

The coolest thing for me was, I spotted someone I recognized from her blog! Susan from Domestic Diva was there with her family. It was so cool to meet her in person!! I knew she lived in the same county as me, but I never thought that we would meet in person. I was so excited to recognize her that I went right up to her and introduced myself (so out of the norm for me)! I never even thought to get a photo of us though.

The fireworks weren't as great as other years this year either. We all teasingly blamed the Engineer as it is his company that sponsors them -- even though he has nothing to do with that part of the company. He however, FINALLY got his first ever fireworks photos that really look like something!

Happy birthday Canada! May you always be "the land of the free and the home of the brave"!


  1. Happy Canada Day! One day late, but oh well!

    I'm with you on the zzzz. We rolled our eyes at the end.

    Love all the red and white and fireworks! Sorry we missed you in the crowd!

  2. Great photos - looks like a wonderfully fun day! The horses with their costumed riders are absolutely gorgeous.

  3. hi there Deb!! so... i don't know why, but this is the first time i realized you have your own blog to visit??? i'm not sure how i could have missed that!! ha. anyway. i will be visiting you often now!! :) heehee.

    maybe i did know, and just forgot.. my brain has a habit of doing that when i'm preggy.


    lovely post!!!

  4. Well, Your parade looks pretty amazing compared to our teeny weeny little town parade! lol
    Happy Canada Day!


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