Monday, June 30, 2008

We Shopped 'til We Dropped.

Since the price of gas is getting ridiculously expensive, more and more we are thinking twice about hopping in the van to pick up just one or two things. I have begun to perpetually make lists, so that on a day when I know we have to go into the City for something such as Snoopy's obedience class, we can do errands as well.

Unfortunately, today that wouldn't have worked. We just had waaaay to much on the list. There was no way we could go in early and leave Snoopy in the van --I can't stand it when people do this -- and accomplish all we had to do.

I can't even remember all the places we went, but I do know we were able to pick up all the sale items I had on my list (as well as a few extras) -- and that we totally forgot to go to Walmart. Honestly though, that's okay because I really don't like Walmart, so maybe it was a subconcious thing. ;-D

My favorite stop was the fabric store. The girls and I picked up some amazing deals on fabric. Peach had picked out a Simplicity pattern for a blouse and skirt that she wants to sew , quite a while ago. The Simplicity patterns were on sale otday too, so we made out really well. Now I just have to keep my recent sewing urge rolling, and maybe we'll get a few things made yet before the summer is over.

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  1. oooooh you sound like me. haha. kindred spirits in some ways i suppose. :) (on the walmart thing and the sewing thing)

    i get soooo excited about fabric and patterns, but oh do i ever need to be in that right mood to actually get it done.

    :) happy sewing to you!


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