Wednesday, June 25, 2008


On the way home from the Engineer's work is a family selling strawberries. Last night the Engineer picked up six quarts for me. I cleaned and froze 5 quarts of them and the last quart we had for breakfast with our scones and strawberry-rhubarb jam. Yum!

Tonight he plans to bring me six more quarts. Normally we pick our own. It is signifigantly cheaper, but this year we decided to save some time and just by them pre-picked. It has been nice to do six quarts at a time without worrying about the rest going yucky because I'm not getting to them.

I will make strawberry jam with some of the new batch and freeze the remainder . I always like to have some strawberries in the freezer for the winter as a topping for crepes or a simple hot milk cake. Add freshly whipped cream or a vanilla ice cream and it's a real treat! It almost makes you forget about the cold temperatures and snow outside. Well, maybe not, but at least we can remember the days of sun and heat by enjoying some strawberries in the winter!

This is one of the funny looking berries in our box. We had quite a few funny looking ones, but the kids voted this one as the favorite.

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  1. I am not a big fan of strawberries, but my boys love them. I would love to eventually grow them in our garden. Sounds like you've come across a great deal!


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