Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Some Great New Books!

We've been to the Homeschool Store and back, and got some great new books to read. We have lots of stuff to learn and to grow from. Besides our regular curriculum books, we also picked up some books on organizing, character building, as well as one I've been itching to read: The Well Educated Mind by Susan Wise Bauer. Whew, was that one a hefty sum! I'm looking forward to becoming more well rounded in my own education though.

I am anxious to read the ones I purchased on organizing in the hopes that I will finally figure out how to be Wonder Mom. ( I know, I know that'll never happen. She's just a figment of my imagination). I have been blessed with four beautiful, healthy, active children, but there are many days when I can not get ahead or even keep ahead, of all the cooking, cleaning, and the schoolwork. Being an organizer and neatnik (Is that a word?) by nature, the constant mess and disorganization that having four children at home all the time brings is enough "to drive me over the moon" sometimes :0).

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