Tuesday, June 3, 2008

A Short Book Review, Some Gardening, and a Toad

Another dreary sort of day if you compare it to yesterday. Thankfully though, it was not cold. Squirt and I went to the doctor this morning. Squirt for her final round of vaccinations and me to have my head examined. Hee hee! I had ex-rays done that will determine for sure if I am suffering from what the Dr. (and I) suspects is sinusitus. If so, then it's on antibiotics I go. Hopefully then, I will finally be rid of the headaches and dragginess that I've been experiencing since mid-April.

After the doctor visit, Squirt and I did groceries and came home. I was a little anxious as I left the three older children at home. At eleven and a half, Bub is legally old enough to be home with his sisters, but it still makes me a little nervous. I left them armed with three of our neighbour's phone numbers and some strict instructions. They of course didn't bat an eye and happily bid me farewell.

All was well when I arrived home, and only Beans had a bit of "summer" school work to finish up. I put the groceries away while the kids shared the treat Squirt had picked out for the four of them. Additive high, sugary, mini doughnuts. Yum! She carries the sweet tooth gene that is so prevalent in my side of the family -- although, the Engineer's family isn't a whole lot better.

I am almost embarassed to admit this, but with the weather so droll again and the knowledge that I had a really good book lying in the den, I succumbed to temptation and spent almost the entire day reading. I even finished the book. It is called I Am Hutterite by Mary-Ann Kirkby. It is a true story and a fascinating read about a woman's Hutterite heritage and what she learned from it. I was captivated and could hardly put it down.

In order to not feel totally guilty for indulging myself today, I will say that I did move around some Hostas and planted a few more annuals. I did this, while Bub read and the girls amused themselves with cardboard boxes and novels of their own -- all except poor Squirt. It really is high time I finish teaching that girl to read!

These are some of my Hostas that were living in the vegetable garden. Now that the work on the back wall is done, it is safe to move them back to their original home.

These pretty dainty flowers, called Star of Bethlehem, were hiding under the big green Hosta. They're actually a tiny bulb and they spread like crazy.

Mr. Toad. I don't know if this is the same guy from year to year, but he's a big one! He likes to sleep in my flower pots during the heat of the day.

He's not too happy being held, so we moved him to a quiet spot under the Hostas.

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