Friday, May 2, 2008

You Look Different

Bub has had a couple changes this week.

On Monday we picked up his new glasses and yesterday at the dentist, he got his braces off. That was a surprise to all of us!

We now have a six month break before Peach gets her braces, although Beans gets impressions done in May for some sort of hardware for her mouth. She has an over - under thing going on.

Both Peach and Bub have the same issue. They have too deep of a bite causing their bottom teeth to hit the roof of their mouth. Wearing "railroad tracks" on the top somehow pulls the top teeth up and back, thus preventing the adult bottoms from pushing on the roof of their mouth.

I think it's time we increased our insurance. These children are beginning to cost us a fortune!

Here he is in September enduring his annual birthday portraits.

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