Thursday, May 1, 2008


The Engineer and I have begun walking every morning in our quest to get back into shape. I need to get into shape more than he does, but it is good for both of us. After a long cold winter of sitting around and not exercising at all it is time for me to get down to work. Hopefully once the last of this "sinusy" stuff disappears, I will be able to pick up on my weight training exercises again. Right now any bending causes my head to pound and a little diziness to occur, so I don't think swinging weights around is a good idea yet.

We get up at 5:45 each morning, don the appropiately warm clothing, and grab the dog's leash on the way out.

Snoopy is still usually sound asleep when the Engineer goes to get her. As soon as she sees the leash though, she gets all wiggly and excited. She is still a puppy, so she tends to forget her manners (not that she has too many yet) and jumps all over me in her excitement. As soon as we begin walking though, she becomes a dog on a mission. There is so much to see and smell! She keeps up very well and is in fact usually the leader.

As soon as we are out on the road, I am glad I motivated myself to get out of bed. It is beautiful out so early in the morning. The roads aren't too busy yet. The birds are singing, and the neighbour's cattle are lowing in hopes of being milked soon. Things are growing so rapidly right now that there is always something new to see. This morning we saw the sun rise before it slipped behind the clouds. It was a beautiful red ball in the early morning sky. The world seems so at peace in those early hours. I think these daily walks will benefit me in more ways than just exercise.

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