Monday, May 5, 2008

An Offering for the Birds

Last January the girls decided they needed a lift. All of them had hair down past their shoulders and asked to have it cut. I willingly obliged and gave them all a trim -- er cut. I think they all lost at least four inches.

Both Peach and Squirt have had their hair cut before, but Beans had never had hers cut. She's had it trimmed just to get rid of the dried ends, but this time, she finally agreed to having a real cut. I think I lopped off six inches. It was actually a little scary. It is still long enough to put up, but not so difficult to work with anymore. They have all decided to grow it again for now. We'll trim it after the upcoming busy swimming season is done.

Today the girls brought out the "trimmed" hair they had saved -- yes, we had saved it for five months --and scattered it about the yard for all the birds who are so busy building their nests. Already the sparrows have been chattering and gathering long strands of hair. Sometime in the fall, we will do a careful search through our evergreens and see if we can find any nests woven with varying shades of long blonde hair.

Happy nesting Birdies!

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  1. That's a great idea! I haven't been cutting the girls hair lately....think I could just take it home from the shop? That'd get some looks!

    I really need to be getting some stuff done...I'm being lazy today!


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