Monday, May 12, 2008

Laundry Day

I confess, I love to do laundry. Even the ironing part isn't too bad as long as I do it regularly.The reason I enjoy doing the laundry is that it is one of the few household chores that I can do from start to finish before supper. On a really good day, it is even put away before supper. It is also one of the few jobs where even if new laundry has accumulated before wash day is done, it nicely hides in the hamper until the next Monday when I start all over again.

Another thing I enjoy about doing laundry is the fresh smell that comes from hanging it on the line. It is so nice to have an excuse to be outside feeling the warmth of the sun, and listening to the birds sing, while hanging things in a frighteningly orderly fashion, and sorting through my loved ones' clothes to find matching socks. I don't use heavily scented detergents or fabric softeners, as I find the scents sickenly fake and strong. I know our clothes are clean, so everyone else doesn't need to smell it too. Besides, a couple of us have "scentsitive " skin. I like the natural smell that the (usually) fresh country air gives our clothes even if it doesn't linger from washday to washday.

Sometimes, I will even brave just above zero temperatures if I know my laundry will dry by late afternoon. And sometimes I get caught. A rainstorm will quickly blow in -- or even a snow squall. Then I might still have to use the dryer which I try to avoid as much as possible.

Today is laundry day, but it is still raining out, so, "Hello dryer! I am thankful for you too!"

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  1. I wish I loved laundry. It never seems to end around my house. :)


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