Saturday, May 10, 2008

Happy Anniversary Mom and Dad

It was the Engineer's parents' 50th wedding anniversary party today. They were married on May 9, 1958. They raised five children all of whom married. They now have sixteen grand children ranging in age from 2 years to twenty six years and are slowly spreading across the continent.

They still live on the farm that they bought many many years ago. Dad used to have dairy, but he sold his quota to Boun when Boun graduated from university and was ready to start his own dairy farm.

After that Dad bought and sold beef cattle. This was what he really loved to do. He was and still is a wheeler/dealer. Lately though, he has developed an interest in scrap metal. He could be found all winter long in the drive shed taking apart and sorting metal from old machinery.

Mom is a definite Proverbs 31 woman! She is a wonderful cook and baker. She plants a garden every year and manages to preserve most of it for the winter. I am always gleaning little tidbits from her regarding cooking and gardening. (I have yet to master keeping my garden as weed free as she does)! She has such a kind heart and is so giving to all those around her.

The Engineer said that, growing up they went through many lean years. They lost all their livestock once to Brucelosis -- a deadly disease for cattle. However, they held fast to their faith and God has blessed them richly through good times and bad. Joys and heartache.

I am thankful to be part of their family through marriage. They raised a wonderful man who is my life partner. I pray that they will be blessed with many more years together. I also pray that the Engineer and I may have as many years together. What a gift!

I was not doing the photography for the day. It was left up to the Engineer, and unfortunately, he did not get a good photo of Mom and Dad together dressed up in their finery. The lighting in the hall was miserable for photos, but here are a few more anyway.

Some of the granddaughters performing.


  1. That must have been a fun day! What a blessing to have such loving Christian parents. The girls look so nice too, playing the piano.

  2. what a wonderful story of love and family.


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