Wednesday, May 7, 2008


This morning when I got up to go for my morning walk with the Engineer, the weather looked a little iffy. I was secretly hoping it would rain so that I could spend some time sewing this afternoon.

At first it was so windy this afternoon that I didn't want to work outside anyway. Then it did rain, but I didn't get in as much sewing as I had hoped, as my sister-in-law popped in for tea. She did need to pick up her children from school though, so she left just before three. The engineer was at a meeting out of town, so he wasn't be home for supper. Sometimes when I know he won't be home, we have a more casual supper. So, in the end I think I managed to fit in about three hours worth of sewing -- maybe more. I tend to lose track of time when in deep concentration.

Let me tell you though. Three hours is not very long for me because when it comes to sewing, I am not a natural. Although I enjoy it -- when I'm not totally frustrated with it -- somehow I am very sloppy when it comes to some things. Hmmm! Not good advertising if I ever want to sell on Etsy! Maybe I'm just too much of a perfectionist, but I don't think so. I think I need to take a couple more classes. I learned quite a bit in the first one I took and I know I have lots more to learn.

I made a bonnet for a friend who had a little girl in October and I think it was February before I finished it because it just wasn't "right enough" for me to give. The final one I was happy with, and she was positively thrilled with it. I will say they are fun to make and I really should make multiples at a time because I always forget the technique in between sessions

Today, I am working on baby doll pyjamas for the girls....

This is the bodice piece of the top. (I have to figure out better lighting for these type of photos!)

Here are the shorts. I made two pairs of them, but since they're exactly the same, I'm only posting the one.

One final note. I had started both pair of shorts last week, so today I only did the hemming and waistbands on them. See, didn't I say I was slow?

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