Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Time is Tickin'

There is a song by DC Talk called Time is Tickin'. It's in our CD player in the van right now and my children always request the volume be cranked up when it comes on. Yes, I am contributing to their early hearing loss because I always give in to that request. I will take the blame on that, but I guess it also means that I shouldn't complain about their selective hearing because maybe it isn't selective hearing after all. :-)

The song is actually about the importance of being saved before we are taken from this earth, but when I hear it, I also can't help but think about how quickly my children are growing up right before my eyes. When they were little, people would often say to me, "enjoy them now because it goes by real fast!" Whew, does it ever! Okay, I don't even have one in highschool yet, but there are days where I wonder where my babies have gone. They have definitely blossomed into their own personalities. They are all beginning to show their strengths and weaknesses. Occasionally I catch just a glimpse of who they might be as a young adult. When I do, I pray that God will give them the wisdom and strength to be all that He wants them to be.

Although I sometimes miss the baby stage. I am greatly enjoying the school age years. They still need me for some things, but they're independent enough that I am not at their constant beck and call. I don't have to worry about nap times or a late night here and there. I've heard that these are the best years. I am enjoying them as much as I can because I know they are fleeting and I have to say I'm frightened by the teenage years. Thankfully I know that God knows my fears and I can continue to commit those fears, as well as my children to Him. Still I wish life wouldn't go by so fast! Time does just keep ticking away. Tick tock, tick tock....

Here they are: Boots from oldest to youngest with a rainboot trying to sneak in the shot. I'm sure next year there will be a new pair at the top, and the purple pair will be passed on to a cousin. Tick tock.

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