Saturday, December 17, 2011

An Update on Jonathan

Here is where things stand for Jonathan right now. I am so very thankful to read that a family has stepped forward. Lots of prayers are still needed, but we're moving in the right direction. Praise be to God!!


Oh my goodness gracious! What an outpouring of LOVE we have received for Jonathan. It truly has been an amazing thing to witness. Thousands and thousands of people have read his story in the last 48 hours--only because so many of you cared deeply enough to link on your blogs and facebooks. So many people shared his story. The army of God took up the mandate to care for the orphan!

I am so, so thankful.

As of yesterday we do have a family who has stepped forward and who is qualified to adopt Jonathan. That is the GOOD news. However, as things so often go with international adoptions, this is truly going to take a miracle. Definitely not impossible (for NOTHING is impossible with the King of Kings!), but it is going to take us all praying and believing that this young man WILL come home!

Many have asked me how they can be praying specifically for Jonathan and his adoption. Obviously with time being so crucial in this case, there are many obstacles in the way and we covet your prayers. Every day counts!

~~ The family who is trying to adopt Jonathan will have to have an update done on their homestudy. While this is typically a very simple and easy thing to have done (usually just a paragraph or two which needs to be added), unfortunately with the holidays upon us everyone is busy and they are struggling to find someone to do the update in a huge hurry. Please pray that the Lord, even now, will be moving on a social worker's heart to jump in and get the job done as quickly as possible. Pray that the Father will lead this potential family to the right person who can help them.

~~ Pray for great favor in applying for and getting the visa Jonathan needs to enter the country on. With so little time before he turns sixteen at the end of this month we really do need to pray that God will move this mountain too.

~~ Finances. With no time to fundraise (because adoption is insanely expensive!), his family will have to come up with lot of money super quickly. Again...not impossible. I know that many of you have said that you would love to help. I'll keep you updated on ways that you may be able to do that later.

~~ Timing is crucial here. Please pray that things will happen in the Lord's most perfect and amazing timing.

~~ And for Jonathan. Every time I think of him, my heart aches. He knows all too well that time is ticking by and that with every day that passes his dream of finding a family diminishes. I cannot even imagine all that must be going on in that young man's head right now. Fear, uncertainty, anxiety. Please pray that the Lord would put a hedge of protection around him and that He would keep him safe.

So, things ARE moving forward and there is definitely hope on the horizon for Jonathan, but getting him here truly is going to take a miracle of God. Thankfully, we serve THE God of miracles! Please keep praying that every mountain, every obstacle, and every plan of the enemy will NOT stand in the way of this boy coming home. It's a known fact in the adoption community that if you want your faith to be tested like never before...adopt a child! Why? Because this is spiritual warfare! Adoption is about rescuing children out of captivity--taking them out of darkness and bringing them into HIS glorious light. It is about the Kingdom of God advancing on the earth and many, many children being rescued from the most horrific situations our hearts could ever imagine.

But, adoption comes with a price. It is hard! It takes every ounce of faith you can muster on any given day. It takes courage, a huge heart, obedience, and a promise to your child waiting on the other side of the world that you will NEVER give up on them--no matter what the enemies camp throws your way!

All that to say that we need your continued prayers until Jonathan is safely united with his parents. Please pray church!

I will continue to keep you all updated on specifics as Jonathan's miracle unfolds. Thank you for all you have done to ensure that this young man does NOT become another statistic!


  1. I am so happy about this update! I've been praying for this young man a lot lately. To hear that a family has stepped up is just amazing.

    Isn't the internet a wonderful way to spread news quickly?

  2. Thank you for this update. I have been praying. My heart aches for this young man.

  3. Thank you for this update! He has been heavy on my heart.

  4. Thanks so much for the update. My heart was breaking, knowing we were not in a position to ACT, but still could pray,


  5. I was gone when my mom posted the update, and I'm so glad that he found a family!! GOD IS SO GOOD! I can't believe how fast the news spread!

    God is always faithful, and I will continue to pray for Jonothan and the family that is preparing to bring him home.



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