Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Water Lovin'

It's official. Everyone loves the water now.

Her face may not say it, but she's come a looong way from screaming constantly, to not going near the water for a whole week while the rest of us swam, to finally being told she was going to go in the water because she needed to cool off and get clean. It took some doing and some creative parenting, but she went from screaming, to floating with water wings and a noodle,  to motoring around without water wings -- just a noodle all on her own, to cautiously jumping off the lower part of the ladder with a noodle -- all in a matter of three days. She's a stubborn one our Bright Eyes, but boy she's happy when she can do it all on her own!

Hope you all are keeping cool :o)!


  1. congrats on your new swimmer! that's quite an accomplishment in just 3 days.

  2. So cute! Even her little pouty face. :) Have a great day Deborah!


  3. She's adorable! So glad she's come to enjoy the water; it makes life so much more fun if you get in the pool.


  4. Good job Bright Eyes!!!! Before you know it she'll be swimming all on her own. Rafael LOVES the water and he is always in search of water to play in, even if it's the toilet bowl!! Yuck!!

  5. They are going to miss all their water fun when fall comes. Oh, we just won't think about that yet.

  6. Sweet Deb, your family is looking so delighted with life. :) i have been loving the weather, as your pictures reveal that you have as well!! :)

  7. Just catching up on reading. Sorry to hear that things have been tough, I know you were expecting it but it is always so much harder when it hits. Hang int here and remember to try to get some time for you even if it means bribing them with something just to keep them out of your hair so you can recharge.

  8. Her fact may not show it but I'll take your word for it ;D

    I bet the water is REALLY COLD for your little tropical girls!

    Still... so much fun :D


  9. and I love that I know you :)

  10. Oh look at that cute little face she doesn't want to let on she is enjoying it hehehe!! I can relate I may be a tad bit stubborn myself I think my Mum would laugh if she saw this pic I think I can make that same face lol!! ~Looks like your family is having a very nice summer ~Happy Swimming ~Love Heather

  11. Way to hang in there Mom! I think I'd like to come over for a swim!


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