Thursday, September 30, 2010

Meet Maverick

As if our lives aren't already full enough, we brought home this sweet fella. My friend  Pom Pom asked to see photos. The Engineer and I "forced" him to have a photo session on the weekend, so here are a few.

He is eleven weeks old and growing quickly.  He mostly likes to sleep, but today, I've noticed just a little bit of his personality peeking through. He's going to be a pleaser for sure. We are all enjoying him immensely!


  1. Of course you know I adore him (we have a black lab, too)!!!! He is precious beyond words, and your photos of him are award-worthy! If I could get any of my three dogs to sit still for 2 seconds...

    Best wishes with him...and if you need a good vet, you know where to find me! LOL!

  2. Oh, a couple more things...

    labs are lovers! mine is at my feet all the time; he is truly a mama's boy.

    warning: labs have the worst gas on the planet. Prepare to plug your noses!

    Lily is simply fawning over these pictures. What a face on this little guy. We are in love here at our house. You must be just over the moon about him!

  3. he is beautiful!!!! What a fun guy to have around. I am sure he is extra work, but what an extra blessing too :O) HUGS!

  4. Are you keeping him? He has to be a great Lab to sit for all the photos and he is beautiful. I had a black lab back in jr. high/high school and she was the smartest dog ever! Now, I have a little dog with anxiety issues, but he worships me and I love him for it. :)

  5. Wow he is gorgeous enjoy him!! ~Heather

  6. So cute! I am really enjoying the 3rd photo.

  7. He is ADORABLE beyond words!

    Though, painfully, I have to second Wendy's comment about the gas... silent but violent as my boys would say.

    I knew once he had a name you'd be keeping him ;D


  8. I love the one in the wicker basket. His expression is priceless.

    Awesome name. Reminiscent of the Walton's dog, Reckless.

  9. He looks like he is wrapped in black velvet! He is a beautiful dog! I am so sure that he is very loved and that he loves you all back.
    have a lovely friday!

  10. Oh my gosh...that is one cute puppy!

    How fun to have him!

  11. Thank you! Thank you! He's gorgeous! He looks lovely in red! Congratulations and crazy lives are best.

  12. What awesome, cute pictures! The pictures remind me our black lab a few years ago! Enjoy the pup!

  13. He is such a cutie - love the 3rd pic especially! I imagine he's getting lots of love and attention from the entire family. :)


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