Friday, July 30, 2010

Up and Running Again

No, not me. The washing machine. Last week it was the microwave that died and this week the washing machine. I am happy to report though that we didn't spend a dime on it to get it working again. The Engineer just tipped it on its back last night trying to figure out how to take it all apart and when he set it back up again, he pushed the button and it was running again. It still sounds like a jet engine taking off when it goes into the spin cycle, but I didn't have to go to the laundromat after all. I think a couple of the kids we're going to be flipping their underwear inside out if I didn't get some washing done today, but it's all good.

Now all I have to do is brave the mosquitoes and get those five loads off the line. I knew I shouldn't have waited until after dark. Hmmm! I wonder if I tip the microwave on it's back if it'll start working again?!?


  1. Are the mosquitoes really bad? Yikes! Your washing looks beautiful. The engineer definitely has "the touch" when it comes to fixing, doesn't he?

  2. My grandma has a laundry line just like that and I love the memories I have of her flipping it all over. You're lucky to have that, I can't imagine how much $$ you must save on drying!

  3. Those engineers think of everything ;D

    Don't you just love laundry on the line? I have the same problem if I leave mine up too late!


  4. That cracks me up! Life isn't always very complicated is it? I am impressed that you have so much room on your clothes line! Very efficient use of space.

  5. See, your engineer is a genius! He fixed your washing machine. Yippee! So glad that you were able to get all your clothes clean so no one had to turn underwear inside out!

  6. Phew, what a relief!!! Thanks for commenting on my header problem. I do not have photoshop. I've found a photo maker thingie on line that works with flickr photos so I'll use that for now. I'm about to move out of state so once I'm settled, I might just revamp everything. Good luck with the microwave. . .!!!!

  7. Beautiful photo! So glad your washer is working again. It's one of the highly underappreciated appliances (until we need it most).


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