Tuesday, October 27, 2009

When it's Cold and Raining Out...

It's time to find a cozy spot, and curl up with your favorite stuffed friends and a good book.


  1. How cute! Is that her hope chest?

  2. HEHE How cute! looks like a wonderful place to read ~Blessings Heather ;D

  3. that is SO SO SWEET!! what a wonderful place to read.

    i am curious. do you take photoshoots for people? like...say a family of 5 that wants a good Christmas photo and a nice "school picture" for their 5 year old?

    just wondering. :)

  4. Awww those were the days. I remember doing that exact thing as a little girl. Darn I want to fit in it now.

  5. thank you for the quick reply my dear! :) What do you usually charge?
    I'm asking a couple people if they do photo shoots, and what they charge since the girl we used to have for photo shoots moved out west. this is the first year i've had to look for some one new.
    Julia is doing much better. we are taking a lot of vitamins these days, and trying to stay well rested, etc. Her school has taken quite a hit unfortunately.
    enjoy your evening!

  6. I love rainy days.

    Well, after soccer season ends, anyway!

    The perfect "excuse" (as if we needed one) to curl up with a good book.


  7. Hey Deb,

    a friend of mine just told me she would like to practice her photography skills on us this fall. maybe we'll get a chance to contact you for photos some other time! Thank you!! :)
    Maybe we will cross paths again soon someday! Like... the celebration of lights etc. Enjoy your day.


  8. Cute picture!!! My favorite thing to do on a rainy day, too, although on the couch!


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