Friday, August 27, 2010

Now What?

I started this snuggly blanket awhile back. Pieced fleece on flannel does not come highly recommended (by me anyways). However, I did manage to finally get the front sewn to the back. It's not perfect, but good enough to wrap oneself in coziness. But now what? Do I edge it in pink satin, blue satin, flannel? Any suggestions? I've never edged anything before, so I guess I'll get to learn something new again.


  1. I'm partial to pink satin! I am sure you will do well with the whole edging thing.

  2. Is this for a baby gift?
    If not, I would edge it in blue satin; just because you mentioned cozy and blue is a more settling, cozy color to my way of thinking.

  3. Walmart sells the nice blanket edging I am not sure if the Canadian Walmart has a fabric section though...if you go on you tube or google you can get instructions how to miter the corners there is a special way to fold the binding that makes it look really nice very simple too...The blanket is so cute ....~Love Heather

  4. This looks so cozy and soft. I don't know much about edging, but I think this is going to be a favorite blankie for someone.

  5. My vote is for satin all the way. I had a blanket when I was a baby that was edged with satin. I carted it all over the place until it was in shreds. Nothing feels nicer than to rub a little corner of satin on your cheek. It always helped me fall asleep at night.

  6. How cuddly! Your blanket makes me want to grab a fresh cup of coffee and a good book and curl up for a while (under a ceiling fan, of course!).

  7. I love precious moments! Great work too:O)

  8. Thank you all for your thoughts! I am doing a satin edge, but it's WHITE (!?!?). I guess living where we live, we just don't get to have a choice. I hope the white will look good too. Heather, I did find it at Walmart, which used to have a great fabric section, but they went and got rid of it except for some notions. I was sad to see it go.



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