Monday, July 19, 2010

Monday (Again)

Today was another the first day of my resolve to start working out (again). Guess what? It didn't happen. The boy had an impromptu sleepover with some awesome friends of his which meant I had to pick him up at 7:45 am to have all four kids at the pool for swim team by eight am. At 7:17 am, I was still peering out the our bedroom window at my dear hubby who decided he needed to put a clean filter on the pool. Alas, there went the plans to work out! So instead, when I came home from the pool, I promptly got started on the laundry, conveniently forgot about working out, but did go do some digging in the gardens. When I got back in, I was ravenous, so I ate a huge piece of pizza. Fresh basil from the garden and (store bought) fresh tomatoes on homemade dough! Yummers!! I finished the laundry this afternoon, had a nice long nap, read a good book, dragged around a hose, drove a boy to his lifeguarding class, made an incredible rhubarb gooseberry crisp of which I've eaten two helpings now (one with ice cream) and finished off the rest of the pizza, while reading blogs. I wonder why I'm gaining weight :oS? Tomorrow I will work out (maybe).

** By the way, that's not me on that scale. 1) My scale is not that nice. 2) If I weighed that my doctor would have me admitted for being waaay too thin.


  1. You look lovely in your photos and your recipes always look healthful :D

    But good for you for adding exercise, too,


  2. That pizza has my drooling:O) Sounds like you did work out:O)

  3. It's about that picture of the scale. Seriously. Look at my picture on my blog and tell me that I do not LOOK like 170. Yes, 170. Who needs a workout? I'm sure you'll find a routine that works for you.

  4. Deborah,
    I went to the doctor yesterday and saw a number on the scale that nearly made me cry/fall over/scream/pull my hair out/throw up. What it did not do was immediately get me on my treadmill.

    Up until a few years ago I used to run 10 miles a my idea of exercise is vacuuming up 10,000 beads! :-)

  5. You made me laugh with this post because I can soooo identify!!! Yummy pizza!!! I've put off going to the dr. this year for this very reason. I'll go...just not now and I am current on mammo and skin check and teeth.....the older I get the better going to the dentist has become simply because he doesn't weigh me.

  6. I am glad that you made the scale thingy clear because you were stumbling me :|
    Today is a new day.

  7. I am laughing hysterically! You are so funny! I can certainly feel your anxiety about wanting to work out and not being able to fit it in your very busy schedule. There will be no advice giving from me because I have none to give. Just that you amaze me with all that you do every single day!
    I have full confidence that you will figure it out and that your exercise schedule will all come together soon.

  8. Mt. Vernon is 30 minutes from my house.


    coming our way?!


  9. If it's as hot there as it is everywhere else, digging in the garden counts as working out in my opinion. Sweating is good for the body!

  10. that sounds like my workout plan :) glad I'm not the only one. New habits are so hard. Hope it goes better for you then it did for me :)
    thanks for your comments. Blessings!!!!


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