Tuesday, August 16, 2016

August!? No Way!! {Part 1}

Yes, once again the blogging has been sadly lacking and here it is mid-August already. There hasn't been any lack of events around here, but blogging has just not been a priority. It's been the HOT summer I had been hoping for ever since summer turned to autumn last year. Thus, much time has been spent outdoors soaking up the heat and the sunshine!

My dear hubby turned fifty on June 11. We had a special time of family togetherness over the course of the weekend. On Friday (the 10th) my parents, along with our brood and their significant others enjoyed teriyaki steak on the barbecue, baked potatoes, and well, it's been so long, I forget what else. We had pies that I baked for dessert. Murray loves pie! Rhubarb, cherry, and his absolute favorite -- pecan pie!

Saturday was spent with most of Murray's family at his niece's wedding.

First dance with Grandpa. Murray's brother (her dad) passed away in December of 1995 from cancer.

Then on Sunday (the 12th) we attended Peach's graduation from high school. I am in denial that we already have two children who have graduated from high school. It cannot be possible!

The squad celebrating.

Then ten days later on the 22nd, was Squirt's grade 8 graduation.

 In case you are wondering, she is wearing Converse. We couldn't find sandals that she liked, so she decided to wear Converse. They will go great with her uniform when she starts high school in the fall.

 Giving her part of the valedictory address which she shared with one of her best friends.

They shared their graduation cake.

Our first beach day was early this year. June 23rd and the children were all in the lake.

Even the slightest north breeze creates some great waves for swimming in!

Next thing we knew, we had survived June and then it was Canada Day!! I let the two oldest girls have all their friends over for the afternoon/evening. You would have hardly noticed that there were eleven extra young people hanging about except for the rate the food disappeared. :o)

 Waiting for the annual Canada Day parade.

 Discussing the rules for a game of capture the flag.

 Dinner time!

 The two youngest had their very own spot.

 Don't even ask because I don't know! :oD

So thankful for this great group of friends!!


  1. Looks like a great summer! Going by too fast though ;D Good to "see you" again,

  2. Your girls are beautiful!
    And fifty...he is still a youngster!

  3. So good to see your updates! Your family is beautiful!


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