A Gift for Adoptive Families

Murray and I are parents of soon to be seven children through the miracle of birth and adoption. We are also professional photographers. We believe very much in the blessings of adoption as well as the power of the lens. That is why if you live in our area and have adopted recently -- or even not so recently, or you know of someone who had adopted, we would love to offer a free portrait session to the adoptive family.

We also know many of our readers are not local which is why we would also like to give you this link: Celebrating Adoption. Celebrating Adoption is a website that lists other photographers in North America who offer free portrait sessions to adoptive families.

Adoption is a gift of love, but those of us who have adopted know that it comes with many many expenses. It is our gift to you to celebrate adoption by offering you a free portrait session.

To view our work or learn more about us, pop on over to Lavender Rise Photography. You can also contact us here or there for more information.

Because we remember moments, not days....


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